Who we are
We take pride in quality –and it shows in everything we do.

Identifying Untapped Potential

Each property that we acquire is transformed through the addition of desirable amenities and modern design elements that attract renters. We create unique apartment brands based on the refined aesthetics of the boutique hotel industry, rivaling the appeal of new construction. As a result, we have consistently increased property income, leading to potential significant growth value.

Where Creativity Meets Discipline

Why does DagesseCo consistently deliver impressive performance and results?  We credit our creativity, passion for real estate and building experience, combined with discipline and transparency. We not only make financial investments, but we also invest in our surrounding community.


"Our branded buildings feel like home, and we help foster community connection for our residents."

Leading By Example

DagesseCo is founded and managed by Nathan and Jacqueline Dagesse, who together have an extensive background in real estate, project management,  engineering and construction.


The multi-faceted team Jacquie and Nate have built is focused on four sectors; Real Estate Development and Holdings, Engineering and Construction. DagesseCo provides services for each of these sectors through separate and distinct entities.

Jacquie + Nate Dagesse,
Co-Founders and Owners of DagesseCo.

Giving Back

Because We LOVE Vermont

DagesseCo is committed to giving back to our community each year. We have been sponsors
of new community infrastructure, celebrate local artists by creating interactive sculptural pieces
at our building sites, and we invest in environmentally sound building practices.

Sponsored by Jacquie and Nate, they worked closely with Joe Perron, the President of the Winooski Historical Society, to determine representation of the artwork. Inspired by the ‘The Winooski Eagle’ or simply, ‘The Eagle’ on the Winooski Block. “A building that was constructed shortly after the Civil War, when so many soldiers enlisted from Winooski Falls who fought for the Union army. So, that’s why the building was immortalized with such a patriotic emblem .” Joe explained.


Art Installation at CityLights

Created by local artist, Elizabeth Emmett, the ‘Winooski Wings’ can be seen from Abenaki Way on the southern wall of the City Lights building in Winooski.

“The wings really represent the ability we each have to rise above the realities of life that can feel heavy at times and threaten to hold us down. Intended for community members to stand in front of, one at a time. Each viewer can see their reflection in the mirrored glass, enticing them to interact with the sculptural and ‘try on’ the shining wings for themselves. Carved and stamped by hand, the details were inspired by West African mudcloth patterns – a traditional artisan textile.” Elizabeth Emmett.


Downtown Winooski

DagesseCo founders participated in the community painting event led by the City of Winooski and non-profit, Art So Wonderful. The purpose of the painting is to beautify the space under the bridge connecting Winooski and Burlington The mural’s designer said the concept is a big visual timeline, celebrating the city’s history decade by decade. “We want to honor the first people who were ever in Winooski [during] Abenaki time, and up through the current diversity and wonderful parts that make Winooski special,” said Arts So Wonderful’s,  Elizabeth Emmet.